Unique Gifts for a Geek

Do you know a geek that has everything he or she wants?  Are you having trouble picking out that one piece of technology that they don’t have?  Well wonder no more.  Introducing the Chumby.



Chumby is a little internet device that displays current relative information when you want it.  It displays a constant stream of your favorite information, view photos on Flickr, message your friends and family on Twitter and Facebook, and much more.  With so much information packed away in such a little gadget, your geek will love it too.

The price of one of these range from $180 to $230 for a limited edition.

UPDATED (12.12.08) – For a limited time, use coupon code: CHUMBYCJ to receive an additional $30 off the 2008 Latte and Black Chumby.  Happy Shopping.


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