Tired iPhone 4

My iPhone 4 is tired. It’s been in more than 6 countries and have done a lot during its prime. It was great when it was new. However, it was having a little trouble keeping up with me. There was noticeable lag running certain apps. The small screen hindered productivity. But for the most part, it performed like a champ.

In upgrading to a new cell phone, I’m basically looking at the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S4. I’m well aware that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5S in the near future. The iPhone has basically remained the same, for the most part, since the iPhone 4. Sure, it’s faster. It’s got a better camera. The screen grew. But that’s it. There has been very few and meaningless innovations. The rumored fingerprint reader is the new “it” feature? Really?!?

My decision to upgrade to the S4 was basically to work with new hardware. The S4 packs a lot into the phone. The memory card slot and the USB host function was enough to get my interest. A 64 gb card with all my music sounds pretty good to me. The phone is also packed with a lot more useful sensors and functions over the iPhone. Right out of the box, I can see it integrate with me more than the iPhone. It can control the TV and keep track of my diet/exercise. The bigger screen will definitely help me be more productive and make watching videos a little more enjoyable. I’m already used to the Android OS because I have a Nexus 7 v1 doing all the work duty. Travel will now come down to only one device because it can do everything.

My trusty iPhone 4 is not going away. I’m not going to sell it either. Why would I? It’s still plenty useful to me. My iOS apps are still there. Since I rarely do work on the iPhone due to the small screen, most of the apps were used to fight boredom. It’s going to be sticking around until it dies.

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