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Travel Gear – Lowepro Versapack 200AW

Lowepro Versapack 200AW

On my recent three week trip, I chose the Lowepro Versapack 200AW because it combines a camera bag and a backpack.  Like it’s name, it’s pretty versatile.  The backpack is split into two sections.  The bottom section is a dedicated for your DSLR.  There was plenty of space for my Canon EOS 50D with the 28-135mm lens.  However, if you have a lens that’s a bit larger, say the Canon 70-200mm, it’s going to be a tight fit.  You can access your camera from the side, which is very handy to swing the pack around and pull out your camera.  There is enough room to store a point and shoot camera and a small lens on the other side.

The top section of the pack offers a nice space to carry random things while you’re out and about.  I mostly carried sunscreen, a bottle of water, my iPod, and my BlackRapid strap.  The pack is designed not to be protruding like most camera backpacks.  it’s pretty slim and curved to contour your back.  There’s even a nice deep security pocket to store travel documents.

The negatives.

I wished the backpack came with side pockets to store water bottles on the outside.  Sure, you can buy add Lowepro’s SlipLock accessories, but that cost extra.  The top section has to be zipped up all the time or else the contents will spill out.  The shape of the opening of the top section also makes it a little difficult to zip up.

Overall, I would recommend this product because it’s the combination of both worlds.  You can pick this up at Amazon for about $100.  Click here to view the product page.

Review: Portable External Hard Drives

External hard drives are an easy way to increase media storage.  If you work with large images, music files, and video, an external hard drive is almost essential for you.  I deal with all three of the above so storage is important to me.


There’s one hard drive that I like the most because it’s small, portable, spacious, and easy to use.  The Western Digital My Passport drive has not disappoint me.   The drive is 320GB and is about the size of a BlackBerry Curve.

Western Digital My Passport

I can’t believe this little drive is 320GB.  In the first photos, most of the external drives are 500GB.  The best part of the Western Digital My Passport drive is that it only need a USB 2.0 cable to power and connect the drive.  There’s no other power supply needed.

Western Digital My Passport

Best of all, I carry this with my Asus Eee PC 1000H (only $389 at Amazon.com) to have access to all my media files.  They are both tiny and can easily fit into a slim dvd player case.

The Western Digital is available in assorted colors and in different capacities. Prices are extremely good at Amazon.com.

Western Digital My Passport 250GB – $80 with Free Shipping – Click Here For The Amazon Product Page

Western Digital My Passport 320GB – $90 with Free Shipping – Click Here For The Amazon Product Page

Western Digital My Passport 500GB – $135 with Free Shipping – Click Here For The Amazon Product Page

More Netbooks

In the past two weeks, there have been a slew of new netbook releases.  I won’t bore you with the Eee PC or Wind clones, but Asus and MSI released a new version of their popular netbooks.  Let’s start with MSI.

MSI Wind U120

MSI is releasing a new Wind, model U120.  The price of the new model will be around $600.  The look will be a bit edgier with minor design changes to the case.  The one major difference than the original U100 is the built-in 3.5G Modem with a SIM card slot.

MSI Wind U120

ASUS Eee PC S101

If you combined the Asus Eee PC 1000H and an Apple Macbook Air, you’ll get the Asus Eee PC S101.  The price is between $600 and $700.  At this price point, I would suggest getting a full size laptop.  You’ll get more power, more screen real estate, more keyboard, more features, and more functionality.  The Asus Eee PC S101 has exactly the same internal hardware as the Eee PC 1000H.  There’s a few choices with the hard drive, i.e. SSD vs 2.5 inch drive.  The only major difference is a new 10.2 inch WSVGA LED Backlit screen, a thinner and lighter unit, and a non-removable shorter life battery.  Asus is call this a luxury netbook.

asus eee pc s101

My recommendation is the just get the Asus Eee PC 1000H or the MSI Wind U100 (with the 6 cell battery) if you’re in the market for a netbook.  Otherwise, with the money you’re going to spend on either of these two, you can purchase a really capable laptop.

Asus Eee PC 1000H – Mobility and Productivity

As you may have read already, I am a big fan of netbooks, specifically the Asus Eee PC 1000H.  It perfectly balances mobility and productivity.  The form factor and the weight of the unit allows you to pack it along without being much of a burden.  As for productivity, the 10 inch screen offers usable resolution (1024×600) and enough real estate to work with a couple of windows.  The keyboard is comfortable to type on.  I would recommend getting a wireless mouse for extended use.

Prior to buying this, I read that Asus claimed a battery life of 7.5 hours.  Well according to my experience, on a full charge, I can get away with a little over 6 hours.  That’s a big difference, but if you think about it, 6 hours is really good.  I use a Lenovo Thinkpad X61 at work and get about 5 hours with the extended battery.  Battery life is extermely important for mobility.  Nobody likes having to plug in after a couple of hours.

The Asus Eee PC 1000H is available now at Newegg.com for $449.   Click here to go to the Asus Eee PC 1000H product page at Newegg.com.

Currently sold out on Amazon.com

Asus Eee PC 1000H Case

Asus Eee PC 1000H

I wanted to get a better case for my Asus Eee PC 1000H because the included Asus case was too loose.  I can feel the Eee moving around quite a bit in there.

asus eee pc 1000h

Then there’s the scratching potential of the case.  The opening of the case gets a little tight and there’s too much risk of scratching the glossy piano black finish.

Asus eee pc 1000H

I consulted the Eee forum, http://www.eeeuser.com, to read what other’s are doing for their Eee PC.  And sure enough, there were a few people talking about a $20 DVD player case from Target that gets the job done.  First of all, the color of the bag will do a great job in fooling people on its content.  The bag itself is the Denali Structured DVD Bag from Target for $20,  http://www.target.com/Denali-Structured-DVD-Bag/dp/B000OUTWS2.  Yes, it’s dark green on the outside and orange on the inside.  But I’m not concerned about the appearance here.

Asus Eee PC 1000H

It even has a front pocket for your power brick and other accessories.  There’s not much room here because it was designed to hold DVDs.

Asus Eee PC 1000H

The inside of the main compartment is nicely padded to absorb all the bump while traveling.

asus eee pc 1000H

People were saying that this bag is a perfect fit for the Eee PC 1000H model.  And yes, it’s true.  It’s a perfect fit.  It was as if they designed this bag for the Eee.  It sits snug inside and feels well protected.

asus eee pc 1000H

asus eee pc 1000h

Oh yea, it even comes with convenient handles like a real laptop case.