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Travel Gear: Apple Ipod Touch 32GB 3G

I love it when a gadget does more than just one thing.  This is especially nice and important when traveling.  When I’m traveling, I’m looking to pack light while getting all my needs met.  For me, I’m turned to the Apple iPod Touch for my upcoming trip to China.  When people hear iPod, they think music player.  Yes, the it can do that, but it can do a lot more.

Apple iPod Touch 32GB 3G

I needed something that can surf the web and do emails without the bulk of a laptop.  Sure, I could bring my netbook, but that’s 4 pounds of extra weight in my backpack.  In addition, the iPod also takes notes, keeps time in multiple time zones, tracks my itinerary, and more.  Oh yes, it also plays music and video for the long plane ride.

I’m not an Apple fan, but I have to admit it when they make a good product.  I wished it had a camera.  There are rumors that the next iPod Touch will have a camera.

I call it the Swiss Army Knife of gadgets.

You can pick his up at Amazon.com for about $270 + Free Shipping.