Nokia E71

In my search for a new cell phone, I considered many.  The iPhone was appealling, but I can’t stand using iTunes.  After my T-Mobile Dash, I think I’m done with Windows Mobile too.  My Dash held up for 3 years, but it’s performance was slowing and eventually, freezing.  Yes, I was running WinMo 6.1 Kadana.



As you can see, I’m already using a BlackBerry for work.  Don’t need two berries in my life.  I wanted something unique.  Practically everyone I know has an iPhone.  No thanks.

Enter the Nokia E71, sleek, thin, beautiful, and fast.


It runs on the Sybian S60 Platform.  I’m still learning all the features and add ons.  My first impression is that the phone is fast.  Menus appear as soon as you press the button.  The sound quality is just amazing.  Everything sounds crystal clear.  With built-in GPS and WiFi, I’m all set.


I’ll post more about the Nokia E71 as I learn.  Right now, I’m still making the transition from my Dash.

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