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Sometimes I take my gadgets for granted.  My digital camera, the Canon SD880IS, has been the new toy in my life, and I’ve been going snap happy.  However, I never checked out the video recording capabilities of the SD880.  It only records video in .mov files.  The output file at 640×480 resolution is about 1.2 MB per second.  You better get a 16GB SDHC card if you want record a lot of video. It’s only $30 at Amazon, Click Here.  That’s not a bad price for 16GB.

Transcend 16GB SDHC Class 6

The video quality is better than the Flip Video cameras.  Images are sharp and sound quality isn’t that bad.  What do you expect?  You’re capture at a higher resolution with a better lens.  I wouldn’t replace my HD camcorder for those precious moments.  But it’s great for the YouTube worthy content we all know and love.  Anyways, let’s talk about the different recording modes and settings you can do while recording video with the Canon SD880IS.

There’s the Macro Mode for those close up videos.

Canon SD880IS Video Macro Mode

Then there are the more advance shooting modes where you can play around with the colors.

canon sd880is video color accent mode
canon sd880is video color swap mode

Then there’s settings.  You can set your own white balance or select from a few preset options.  You can also pick your video resolution.  Your options are only 640×480 or 320×240, both recording at 30 frames per second.

Canon SD880IS Video White Balance
Canon SD880IS Video 640x480
Canon SD880IS Video 320x240

Of course, if you want to purchase this awesome camera or check out more details, I’ll direct you to where I got mine.  Click here to go to the Amazon Product Page. It’s only $247 + Free Shipping.

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    Canon is providing very useful video settings that is helpful in making good quality videos which gives effective videos.

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