Canon FS100 Camcorder Unboxing

Here is the Canon FS100 Camcorder unboxing.  Full review coming soon.  For now, here are the pics.


Standard Definition

Image Sensor:
1/6″ CCD Sensor
Recording Time
LP (3Mbps):  5 hours
SP (6Mbps):  2 hours 45 mintues
XP (9Mbps):  1 hour 50 mintues
37X Optical/2000X Digital
Programmed AE:
Auto, Program, Tv, Portrait, Sports, Night, Snow, Beach, Sunset, Spotlight, Fireworks
Max Shutter Speed:
1/500 (stills)
Minimum Focusing Distance
10mm (wide)/1m (tele)
White Balance
Daylight, Tungsten, Auto, Manual
Image Stabilization

2 thoughts on “Canon FS100 Camcorder Unboxing

  1. Leo Viëtor

    Thanks ! I just bought one and unboxed it. Getting the battery in the remote made my right thumb bleed. Eek.

  2. Chief Monkey Post author

    Wow, sorry about your thumb buddy. Packaging can get in the way. If you’re like me, I can’t wait to tinker with my new toy. Enjoy the camcorder. It’s quite handy.

    Chief Monkey

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