Monthly Archives: September 2013

Auto Reject Calls on the Samsung Galaxy S4

The concept is simple. I just want to block annoying callers like telemarketers. The feature didn’t exist a few years ago. I finally found it on Verizon. However, I could only block 25 callers. I think they designed it for failed relationship instead of persistent calls from telemarketers or collection agencies.

I thought it would be simple for and iPhone to handle a task like that. Nope. I was wrong. I finally found it on the Samsung Galaxy S4. It’s a feature built right into the phone. The feature is located in your phone app -> (hit the menu button) call settings -> Call rejection. The S4 will store a list of numbers to reject. The phone will not ring if you receive a call from these numbers, but will go to voicemail instead. It’s not perfect, but it’s one step in the right direction.

Watchon App on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

One of the more unique features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the inferred sensor at the top. The built in Watchon app and IR sensor makes the S4 a pretty useful universal remote. You can set up individual rooms. The code base is pretty extensive. The app had no trouble finding the code for a very old Viewsonic TV in my bedroom. The app also makes recommendations for you based on what you like. It also can show you HD channels only.

Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Disappearing Playlist

I was scratching my head I discovered my playlists disappeared on my Samsung Galaxy S4. I wasn’t used to the quirks of my S4 yet because I only had it for a few days. The strange part was that I was listening to one of them.

To correct this problem, you just need to update your library. I store all of my music on an external micro SD card. I added a few files the night before by connecting the phone via USB cord. Once you updated the library, the playlist should be restored.