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Is a Smart TV Worth It?

A new big screen LED TV is nice. However, it seems that the manufacturers have wised up on how to market this “new and improved” TV to consumers. The formula is simple. Take an LED TV, add wifi, add some apps, and charge people about $600 more. I’m in the market for a TV right now, but I’m not looking for a Smart TV, other wise known as a connected TV. I just want a “dumb” LED TV that’s…a good TV. It doesn’t need to be smart. I have no desire for the TV to use apps. More about that later. The reason why I want a “dumb” TV is because I plan to use a small nettop or old laptop computer as the media center. A nettop computer will cost about $400 but will have infinite more uses over the Smart TV’s features.

Smart TVs are nice and provide some convenient features. Most have Netflix and Youtube apps already out of the box. However, some of the app features are limited. For example, on some TVs, the Netflix app can only play movies from a playlist that you have created on a computer. Some TVs can play video files from a USB flash drive, but it can’t play all types of files.

In my opinion, I don’t think it’s worth the extra money for a Smart TV. You’ll be paying an extra $500 – 1000. For that amount of money, I can easily get a pretty good computer hooked up to the TV while saving $300 – 400.

Here are a few things I look for in a TV:

  • LED Lit
  • 120 Hz – Anything more is useless
  • Non – 3D
  • In general, the Samsung UN46EH6000 fits my needs. Here’s an product link.