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DSLR Battle – Canon T1i vs. Canon 50D vs. Nikon D90

I’ve been bitten by the shutter bug.  Recently, I decided to move into the DSLR world.  The Canon SD880IS is perfectly fine and still travels with me everyday.  However, for the special pictures, I need a camera that can capture stunning pictures and night time shot.

In researching my purchase, I evaluated 3 models:  Canon Rebel T1i, Nikon D90, and Canon 50D.  All are very good choices for any shutter bug.  They offer great image quality, manual controls, a good image sensor, and a nice LCD with Live View.  I have to note that the Nikon has 12.3 megapixels vs. both Canons with 15.1 megapixels.

Canon EOS Rebel T1i

The Canon Rebel T1i and Canon 50D are very similar in specs.  They both share the same image sensor and the new Digic 4 processor.  However, the T1i lacked the build quality I was looking for.  It also felt too small in my hands.  If you have a tighter budget, the T1i is a fantastic option.

So I narrowed down my choices to the Nikon D90 and the Canon 50D.  The Nikon D90 is getting rave reviews for being quick, intuitive, and an all around great camera that performace like you would expect.

Canon EOS 50D

The Canon 50D is the updated version of the highly recommended Canon 40D.  The 50D is a very fast camera with continuous shooting at 6.3 frames per second compared to the Nikon D90’s 4.5 frames per second.  The body of the Canon 50D is constructed from magnesium alloy with improved weather sealing than the Canon 40D.


The Nikon D90 has the ability to record HD video.  The Canon 50D cannot.  The Nikon offers many features that are not present on the 50D.  In my opinion, it’s a matter of preference between Canon or Nikon.  However, when you choose a brand, you should stick with it.  Most of the time, the accessories you acquire for your current DSLR, such as lenses and filters, can be transferred to a new model of the same brand.

Price for all three will vary depending on which retailer you go to. came through for me with this purchase.  You’ll find out what I decided on with the unboxing pics.

Canon T1i – $821 with Free Shipping (comes with an EF-s 18-55mm IS kit lens)
Nikon D90 – $1,140 with Free Shipping (comes with a 18-105mm Kit lens)
Canon 50D – $1,280 with Free Shipping (comes with an EF-S 28-135mm IS Kit lens)

Another Day, Another Netbook Part 2

This time, Nokia is releasing a netbook.

Meet the Nokia Booklet 3G.

Nokia Booklet 3G

Nokia Booklet 3G

Details on the new netbook are a little lacking.  So far, this netbook is powered by an Intel Atom Z520 or Z530 CPU and has a 10 inch screen.  It also sports an HDMI port.  Expect the screen resolution to be better than most netbooks.  Nokia is claiming that this netbook will get up to 12 hours of battery life.  As for real world battery performance, expect 9-10 hours.

I think the netbook will show up with Windows 7.  More details will be posted as soon as I find out.

Another Day, Another Netbook

MSI Wind12 U200

MSI Wind12 U200

It looks like the 12 inch models are being the star of the show.  The latest models comes from MSI.  They officially announced the Wind12 U200.  But unlike other 12 inch models, the Asus EEE PC 1101 or the Acer Aspire One 751H, the Wind12 is not powered by Atom.  Instead, MSI opted for an Intel CULV Processor.

Initials Specs are:

up to 4GB of Memory
12.1 HD screen that has a 16:9 aspect ratio
320GB hard drive

The release date is still unknown at this point.  If you can’t wait for it, I would recommend the Asus EEE PC 1101 or the Lenovo S12 with Nvidia ION.

Lenovo Ideapad S12 Ion Netbook

Lenovo Ideapad S12 Ion Netbook

Yes, the ION S12 is finally launching soon.  However, the price will be an issue.  I can’t recommend the Acer Aspire One 751H until they fix that freezing issue.

Acer Aspire One 751H Freezing Problem

First off, I do not own an Acer Aspire One 751H., but after reading about this problem, I decided to help spread the word.

Apparently, Acer Aspire One 751H owners are experience periodic freezing when using their 11.6 inch netbook.  Being a netbook owner myself, I can understand the frustration when things are not right.  If you are experiencing this problem, please visit the Acer Aspire One User Forum for ideas.

I do not believe there is a solution yet.

Good Luck.

Asus Eee PC 1101HA

Asus Eee PC 1101HA

It’s only a matter of time before our little Eee grew up.  The Asus Eee PC 1101HA is an 11.6 inch netbook with a bigger screen and higher screen resolution of 1366 x 768.  The Eee PC 1101HA is part of the Seashell family, so it’s thin, sleek, and lightweight.

Keep in mind that this Eee does not run on the standard N series Intel Atom N280 CPU.  The Z520 is a little slower than the N280.

So here’s what you’re getting.

Intel Atom Z520 1.3GHz
1 GB DDR2 Memory, 1 Slot, 2GB Max
160 GB Hard drive with 10GB EEE Online Storage
11.6″ WXGA LED 1366×768 Screen
Intel GMA 500
Built-in Webcam
Wireless G/N
RJ-45 Network Port
3 USB Ports
1 VGA out port
SD Card Reader
10 Hour Battery
~ 3 pounds
Windows XP Home


Bigger Screen
Thinner Design
Longer Battery Life


Slow Z-series CPU  $429.99 with Free Shipping

Samsung N510

Samsung N510

Well well well…this will certainly throw a wrench into things.  Another day, another netbook right?  Wrong.  In my opinion, if money is not a problem for you, the Samsung N510 may be the netbook for you.  At the equivilant of around $700, our European netbook loving brother and sisters are getting the Samsung N510 available to them.  What’s so special about the Samsung N510?

Sure, it’s packs the common Intel Atom N280.  Yes, it still comes with a meager 1GB of memory.  The 160GB hard drive might be worth replacing too.  But, it comes with an 11.6 inch HD WXGA screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768.  The 6 cell battery will last about 6.5 hours.  Oh wait…did I mention it comes with NVIDIA’s ION graphic chip?  I can’t wait until Q4 2009 when the ION netbooks are suppose to make an appearance here in the US.  But for now, I think I’ll drool over this for a while.

UPDATE:  The Samsung N510 is rumored to be released in North America sometime in September or October 2009.

Lenovo S12 for as low as $349

Lenovo S12

I saw this deal on Slickdeals the other day.  For $349, this Lenovo S12 netbook is well worth the price.  It comes with the common netbook specs, Intel Atom N270, 1GB DDR2 memory, 160 GB hard drive, and Windows XP Home.  What makes this one different than the rest is the 12 inch screen with a native resolution of 1280 x 800.  Keep in mind, most netbooks have 10 inches screen with a resolution of only 1024 x 600.  Sorry, this Lenovo S12 comes with the Intel GMA 950 Chipset.  I wished this was an ION model.  At $349, I would recommend this 12 inch netbook.  If you’re looking for something more portable, look at the 10 inchers.

Click here to head over to

Intel and Asus’s Announcements

There are two big announcement in the netbook world recently.  Asus has announce that they will not introduce a new netbook until 2010.  The second announcement was from Intel.  They have said that they will not be accepting any new orders for the Intel Atom Z CPUs. Update:  It seems that Intel is still continuing production of the Atom Z CPUs.

So what does this mean?

Well, I’m speculating that Intel may be getting the next generation Atom CPU (Pine Trail) ready for prime time.  Pine Trail will incorporate the graphic and memory controller chip into the CPU.  The results is a platform that can adapt into smaller form factor computers.  It’s a more efficient design that will decrease power usage, increase battery life, and improve cooling.

Asus might be developing a new netbook based on the new Atom CPU.  Let’s see if Intel will lighten up with the 1024 x 600 screen resolution limitation.

So if you’re looking for a new netbook, I would wait until 2010 to see what the models will look like.  You might get more power, more efficiency, and HD capable hardware.  I’m only speculating on what I think will happen.  Don’t take these as definite facts.