Monthly Archives: March 2008

Mission of the week

Like most Eee owners, I’m exploring hacks and mods to make my little eee better. So, the mission for this week is to find a work around to increase screen resolution. I know there’s already a hack for it over at but it looks pretty complicated.


Eee PC Competitors

The Eee PC definitely made a mark in the consumer electronics world. They were the first to offer a little laptop that basically did everything. Now everybody is launching their own “Eee PC killer”.

The biggest competition coming to the Eee is from HP. It looks good, but can you trust HP quality? Also, the price point is more than the $400 Eee.

In the end, it’s really up to you. If you are looking on getting an ultra portable, you have a few questions to ask yourself first.

What will you do with your ultra-portable? There’s a learning curve when starting out with the EEE.

What’s your budget? This is a very important question. $400 is one thing. $600 for a little laptop is almost wasteful. At that price, you can get a regular laptop with more screen and more power.


New 9 Inch eee pc

Asus just announced the new 9 inch eee pc.

New specs
1 GB Memory
8 or 12 GB Solid State Drive
9 inch screen 1024×600
pre-loaded Windows XP

Now, all of the extras are not free. Rumors are putting the bigger eee at around $600. At this price, I would get a real laptop. Any laptop at this price point will be fast, have more hard drive space, bigger keyboard, and bigger screen.

I still stand that I like my eee black 701. It was cheap. I can write all my documents on it without any problems.