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Affiliate Summit 2008 Las Vegas and my Eee pc

First of all, I’m sick of Vegas. The Keynote speaker this year was Jason Calacanis. I was excited to hear him speak on what he thinks the web is coming to. He also said that if we publish his name some where on the web, he’ll find it. Let’s see if he’ll notice me.

He mentioned that if any site had affiliate links, it should be disclosed. Well, I have affiliate links on this site. I buy a lot of gadgets and link to them through an affiliate link. It helps pay the bills to run this site. It’s not much and it’s not like I’m quitting my day job to blog full time.

This was the first time I left my trusted laptop, an IBM Thinkpad T43 (pre-Lenovo), at home. I brought my work laptop, an IBM Thinkpad X61, and my new best friend, the Asus Eee PC. Honestly, I didn’t miss my T43. The Eee held up like a champ. I connected to wifi and did everything I would normally do on my T43.

My eBooks icon came back under desktop mode. If you have to ask what’s desktop mode go here: is a very good place to find info for the eee pc.

– Popmonkeys

(I’m officially blogging as popmonkeys now and not Head Chimp.)

Eee PC Problems

After day 7, the Asus has a few update issues. When Skype updates, some of the icons disappear. I’ll still trying to figure out how to get them back.

The Eee PC also has a more useful and functional desktop mode. This mode is basically like your basic desktop mode in windows.

It’s a really good way to learn Linux. I’ll install bittornado later. There’s a few more programs I need.

-Head Chimp

Day 5 with Eee

This is my 5th day with the Eee PC. So far, I’ve read a few ebooks, watched a few episodes of Naruto, edited some documents and spreadsheets, and surfed the web. It’s enough for what I want to do. It could even replace my laptop.

The 8GB SDHC flash card is a must. The onboard 4gb SSD is not enought to store media on it. I’ll test MP3s soon.

-Head Chimp.


I did it. I purchased my Black 4G Surf Asus EEE PC from I also bought a few upgrades for it. Along with the Asus, I also bought a 1 GB of Crucial memory and a Transcend 8 GB SDHC. I’m serious when it comes to tech.

First Impressions:

It’s Small. Really small. The keyboard will have to get some getting used to. But it’s manageable. Screen, is pretty small too. Some sites are a pain to go to because they are not optimized for 800 pixels wide. Thanks to the solid state hard drive, it’s pretty quick.

Now, you won’t be fiddling with your picture in photoshop with this thing. But for internet, docs, email, it’s plenty for that. It plays divx too. So consider it a glorified movie player.

I also like the compact power adapter. It’s about the size of a smartphone adapter. The EEE PC is not your laptop replacement, but if you require something for simple tasks, it’s perfect. Not bad for $400.

-head chimp

I think I have a Winner.

I have finally decided on the Asus EEE PC. I don’t think I am going to wait for the bigger screen or windows XP because of a few things. A bigger screen will most definitely increase the price. If the price goes up, the EEE PC will have no appeal because I can just get a cheap laptop.

Running XP can be more useful, but might be a little too much for the little laptop. Just running the security features for XP would consume a lot of resources.

I need a quick PC that I can travel with and do the basic things.

I’m picking up my EEE PC this weekend. I’ll make sure to post pictures.

Nokia N810 vs Asus EEE PC

At this point, the N810 only has the GPS going for it with me. And even so, it’s not a full GPS unit. You have to pay an additional $150 to activate the service.

The Asus looks like my choice, but not at this moment. I will probably have to wait. It’s a tricky decision.

-Slightly Larger Screen
-Windows XP
-More Internal Storage.

I’m kind of curious to see how Asus can finesse all these things without raising the price by a lot. If they raise the price, I would just get a normal, more powerful laptop.

-Head Chimp