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DIY Income

I am an affiliate marketing manager by day. I figure, I can offer some help to people looking to make a few extra bucks.

Affiliate marketing is known as performance marketing. Basically, you partner up with a merchant to sell their product. In return, the merchant gives you a revenue share (commission) or a flat fee.

The easiest way to start is to create a blog and write about something you are passionate about. If you don’t know what a blog is, you’re on one. This is my blog. If you are serious about it, I would purchase my own custom domain, “” , and maybe a small hosting plan.

I recommend Blue Host because they have wordpress, a blogging software, already built in. They also include 1 free domain registry for free. Click below to go to their site. Web Hosting $6.95

For $6.95 a month, they offer a lot.

We’ll cover monetizing your site in the next part.

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Buffalo External Hard Drive

I finally got around to installing the Buffalo back up Hard Drive that I bought the other day. It’s noticeably larger than the Western Digital MyBook and louder too. But there’s something about the Buffalo that feels solid. It feels like a good product.

The WD drive is nice too. But when you compare the two, the WD feels like a toy.

They are both 500 GB drives. The Buffalo drive has a USB port and a firewire port. The one thing on this drive that I appreciate is the on/off power switch.

Another thing I notice is that the WD is made/assembled in Thailand. The Buffalo is made in Japan. Now that’s something you don’t see very often.

Check it out for yourself: Link to Fry’s

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Asus Eee PC or Nokia N810

I’ve been in between the Asus Eee Pc and the Nokia N810 for a while now. They’re both Linux based, cost about the same, but totally different.

I’m reading that Asus upgrading the screen size and adding a touchscreen.

The Nokia just looks so cool and could be useful for my business trips.

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet -- Full Pull out QWERTY Keyboard

I’m not sure. So confused.

Here’s a tip. If you’re looking for reviews of a gadget you’re thinking about getting, go search for reviews on youtube.

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External Hard Drives

I recently had trouble with my Seagate FreeAgent 500GB External Hard Drive. The boot sector in that drive crashed out of the blue. I wasn’t too worried about the hardware, but my DATA!!! It contained most of my media files. So what did I do?

Bad boot sector on External Drive.

Drive does not recognize when plugged in. (Autoplay does not scan and the window doesn’t pop up that asks you want do you want to do with the newly plugged in drive).

Solution: (I came to the conclusion that I’m losing an external drive)
1. Crack case and pull drive out of the plastic enclosure. (There’s a lot of plastic)
You can easily find a How-To. Just google it.

2. Take drive and mount in a computer with free sata port.

3. Windows will fix bad sector.

4. Back up data on another drive.

5. Drive is dead. I haven’t tried formatting it. I’ve moved on to a Western Digital MyBook. So shiny, so black, so nice. Also, learning from my last experience, I have a back up Buffalo drive in case of any future failures.

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MacBook Air

It’s just like apple to come out with a new “hot” thing for the year. They call it the Thinnest Laptop. It is thin, but is it worth $1800?

1.6Ghz Core 2 Duo, 2GB Memory, 80GB hard drive, 13.3 inch screen and etc.
Wow factor

A 64 GB Solid State Hard Drive (SSD) is available, but that’s will be even more $$$$$$$$$$.

I have to admit, the multi-touch pad is pretty cool. I wonder if those will be standard in the future.

Would I get it? Not really. I rather get top end MacBook with a nice Memory upgrade. I can probably get the same spec PC laptop for $1200. But if you’re a die hard apple-maniac, please tell me you have a pre-order.